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TMB 24 - with California AAEM (Past Event)

February 10, 2024Palm Springs, California

Reclaiming The Profession Of Medicine From Corporate Practice

Take Medicine Back hosted the third annual and first in-person (and virtual) hybrid Summit to take the profession of medicine back from corporate interests, co-sponsored by the California American Academy of Emergency Medicine in Palm Springs, CA. 

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  • Announcements by US and State Congressmen and Senators supporting the movement US Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Katie Porter, Representative Raul Ruiz, and AZ Representative Amish Shah MD, a candidate for US Congress
  • Join the leading legal experts on the Corporate Practice of Medicine including author Brendan Ballou, JD of Plunder: Private Equity's Plan to Pillage America, both lawyer authors of the NEJM article 
  • Physician-leaders committed to ending the Corporate Practice of Medicine including representatives of the Michigan State Medical Society, and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine 

For Members: Exclusive video content

  • Resources for physicians to fight back including union organizers and board members from the Union of American Physicians and Dentists, pioneers in private practice (physician experts in independent group practice, independent contracting, and Direct Primary Care and Direct Specialty Care) 
  • Deep Dive on the United States healthcare payment system and CPoM 
  • Resident and Medical Student Track - Investing in the future of medicine with Residency Director Thomas Cook MD (Third Rock Ultrasound) and more, contracting for residents.
  • Physician Advocacy - How to advocate effectively at the Federal and State levels with physician-experts, as well as within our own legacy organized-medicine societies.

Plenary: The Corporate Practice of Medicine: Legislation for a New Gilded Age

Join the leading legal and medical minds, including the lawyer-authors of the New England Journal of Medicine Article, "A Doctrine In Name Only: Strengthening Prohibitions on the Corporate Practice of Medicine," Erin Fuse Brown, JD MPH and Hayden Rooke-Ley, JD, for a discussion on the origins of the Corporate Practice of Medicine (CPoM), why they were weakened, and how they can be strengthened. 

Full summit content including breakout sessions wil be available for members

Bonus Plenary Session: David Dayen - Patient Zero: The Corporate Practice of Medicare

The Corporate Practice of Medicine (CPoM) Doctrine was first conceptualized before insurance or CMS were created. Thus, the doctrine, which states that physicians should not be employed by lay-interests, to avoid influence over the physician-patient relationship need be revisited in the context of an increasingly draconian and financialized payment system, including prior authorization, and Medicare Advantage. David Dayen, Executive Director of The American Prospect, and author of "Monopolized: Life in the Age of Corporate Power" hosts this exclusive bonus plenary session on how the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) essentially became captured by corporate interests. You can learn more about David's reporting on CMS at "Patient Zero" on the American Prospect.

Full summit content including breakout sessions wil be available for members

Plenary: Setting Precedent to Enforce the Corporate Practice of Medicine

Dr. Robert McNamara, a co-founder of Take Medicine Back, and Chief Medical Officer of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine - Physician Group, the plaintiff in the lawsuit vs Envision alleging the illegal Corporate Practice of Medicine (CPoM) in California, is joined by David Millstein of Millstein Fellner, LLP, the firm litigating the case against Envision, explaining the importance of setting precedent in the journey to Take Medicine Back from corporate interests. 

Full summit content including breakout sessions wil be available for members

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