The TakeEMBack Summit will be 100% focused on advocacy within emergency medicine to restore physician autonomy for the benefit of our patients who are exploited by corporate interests (contract management groups, private equity firms, and insurance companies) at their most vulnerable moments. A powerful minority within our specialty have facilitated or directly sold out to these interests, soiling the name of our profession. Emergency medicine must reclaim its integrity and oust these corporate interests in the name of patient advocacy. The Summit will feature distinguished, forward-thinking speakers from within and outside of emergency medicine, designing a roadmap to reclaiming physician autonomy. Strategies will include unionization, a return to stable, transparent, locally owned democratic groups, national and state legislative and other legal efforts against the corporate practice of medicine, public relations, and coalition building.

Admission for residents and students is FREE. Please contact with a screenshot of your ID for a promo code. Please consider making a donation to "sponsor a resident or student."