Private Equity in Medicine

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The Corporate Practice of Medicine (CPOM) Doctrine is Concerned with the practice of medicine by unlicensed corporations. Private Equity, not to be confused with private ownership, has been deemed "fundamentally incompatible with a stable, competitive healthcare system that serves patients and promotes the health and wellbeing of the population." by the American Antitrust Institute. Although the CPOM doctrine is violated in theory whenever any lay-entity employs a physician, private equity represents the most extreme form, along with vertically integrated health insurers. 

To understand why private equity is so uniquely harmful to the profession of medicine, one must study the Pathophysiology of Private Equity. Take Medicine Back Founder Mitchell Li, MD interviews Pullitzer Prize Winning NBC News journalist and author of "These Are The Plunderers: How Private Equity Runs.. And Wrecks America" at the 2023 Take Medicine Back Summit. The cancer of private equity and corporatization has quickly spread to the rest of the profession of medicine. 

The Pathophysiology of Private Equity
Private Equity In Emergency Medicine

Take Medicine Back began as "Take EM Back" in 2019, inspired by the values of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, but with a sense of renewed urgency that bold action was needed to take the profession of emergency medicine back from corporate interests. As private equity firms rapidly rolled up independent emergency medicine practices, emergency medicine quickly became a pariah of the medical student match process.. A dedicated advocacy group was needed. Shortly after the first "Take EM Back Summit" was held, Take Medicine Back incorporated as a a public benefit company to include all specialties of medicine.