Congratulations on securing your first job as an emergency physician! You have chosen a noble specialty that serves as the only universal medical safety net in America. During your training, you will learn to care for an extremely broad range of patients and conditions. You will master versatile skillsets to handle any situation. And you will have the honor of serving patients and their families on some of the most difficult days of their lives.


During your career, you will encounter innumerable joys and obstacles that are not exclusive to exam rooms and trauma bays. Those entering the specialty in recent years have an additional set of challenges with respect to the present conditions in the field of EM. Private equity-owned corporate entities control an evolving majority of emergency departments across the country, violating corporate practice of medicine (CPOM) laws in many states, and leading to subpar working conditions for physicians and worse care for patients at higher cost. Change is possible through working collaboratively with other emergency physicians and within our specialty societies.


Take Medicine Back firmly believes that you, the younger generation of emergency physicians, will rise to these challenges. The strength you have already demonstrated in this achievement is monumental and will embolden you to advocate for your patients at the bedside and beyond. We are excited to join forces with all of you for a better future, and we will watch your careers with great interest.


With solidarity,

Take Medicine Back


Concerned and want to take action now?

A Message to Newly Matched Emergency Medicine Residents